Leader and First Aider Martin Connolly

Volunteers at Hertfordshire Health Walks share their experience.

Martin Connolly started volunteering for Hertfordshire Health Walks in 2014 and he leads walks in Brookmans Park every Thursday.

Martin volunteers to keep healthy and to do something in the local community. Martin is a Chairman of the local Surgery Patient group. He decided that walking was something that would be of benefit for the patients.

With the backing of the Clinicians he started the walks and have never looked back. The walks are open to all, not just the patients.

The benefits of volunteering for him is getting people together and seeing relationships blossom.

Many have told me that the weekly Health walk is the highlight of their week. Something they really look forward to.

Martin's advice to others who are thinking about volunteering is:

Just do that, give it a go, it's something that you will benefit from, as will those who you are helping.