White Crane Tai Chi Club

A friendly environment for beginners or those with some knowledge to learn Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a slow gentle exercise routine with many health benefits. It is suited to young and old alike. Research has shown that it can improve balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. Studies have also shown that it reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, and can enhance mood. It stimulates the memory, aids co-ordination and activates both left and right hemispheres of the brain. This is all quite surprising for what looks like a slow elegant dance. Yet Tai Chi's gentle, low impact movements burn more calories than surfing and nearly as many as downhill skiing!

It originated in China hundreds of years ago as a martial art. Over the centuries it has developed into 5 separate styles which look quite different from each other. The martial arts aspect of Tai Chi has fallen away and now it is mainly practised for its physical and mental health advantages. It is recommended by doctors and there have been many claims made for it in terms of health maintenance and recovery from illness.

In Welwyn Garden City we teach the popular Yang style form. It has the effect of clearing the mind, similar to meditation, but it is achieved not through stillness but using smooth relaxed movement.

Most people find it calming and uplifting to watch. It is different from most other forms of exercise which can require strength, endurance, speed and stamina. This is slow, soft, gentle and soothing; all quite surprising given its origins.

Why not pop along to a class at Ludwick Family Centre, Hall Grove on a Thursday at 3pm and see for yourself? You may even decide to have a go and then you could be surprised by the amount of exercise you are getting by doing very little, and in a relaxed way.


Ludwick Family Centre

Hall Grove

Welwyn Garden City



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Opening hours

Thursdays 15.00 - 16:00.

Free car parking available.