This week's health and wellbeing news from Welwyn Hatfield week 1-3

This week we are featuring news for the New Year 2021

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News from week 2 and 3 January 2021

Looking after your mental health with Every Mind Matters

Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more.

COVID-19 has impacted the whole country; for almost everyone, life has had to change fundamentally. Research shows that since the start of the pandemic there has been an increase in a range of mental health conditions for adults, from low wellbeing, sleep problems and anxiety to depression.

But there are things that people can do to support their mental health and wellbeing at this time.

On 18 January Public Health England will launch the Better Health - Every Mind Matters campaign to support the nation's mental wellbeing with the encouragement that "When things aren't so good out there, make inside better". Do something now...Get your Mind Plan Click the link

This January our local Beezee Bodies are launching a brand new online learning service - streaming Nutrition and Behaviour Change Specialists straight to your home.

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BeeZee Live

Online group sessions for adults & children to learn about living a healthier lifestyle. Streaming nutrition and behaviour change experts straight into your home. Click on the link to find out more

Schools to get help with technology

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All secondary schools have been invited by the Government to order laptops and tablets through the 'Get help with technology service' to support remote education. The Department of Education (DfE) will invite primary schools to order over the coming weeks, starting with the most disadvantaged areas in England and will contact each school by email as soon as they can order. Most orders will be delivered within two working days of being placed, and DfE aim to deliver all orders within five working days. They are also providing internet connections where they are needed.

Foodbanks and Food Vouchers and Free School Meals during lockdown

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Schools and local authorities will continue to provide free school meals to eligible pupils where they are unable to attend school due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

If you know someone in an at risk group who needs help or support contact Communities 1st on 020 8207 5115 or email

If you would like more information about accessing Foodbanks or free school meals during lockdown please click on this link Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council - Food and free school meals ( or call the Trussell Trust Foodbank Service if you need a food voucher for the Hatfield Foodbank service on 0808 208 2138

Money & debt as we move into 2021

Dealing with money issues can sometimes be difficult, particularily during lockdown. If you have suffered a job loss or have been unable to work due to ill health you may have found yourself in debt possibly for the first time. If you need some guidance or support on how to manage the debt or your finances in order to make ends meet, then the Citizens Advice online could give you the information you need to make the right choices.The Citizens Advice can help to deal with your debt problems, to avoid losing your home and help you to get your finances back into shape. Click the link to find out more

Carols at St Ayot raise £300 for new facilities


While 2020 was unequivocally a pretty awful year all in all, many people made a huge effort with Christmas festivities - and events, where possible. This was true of Christmas Carols at St Ayot, which raised £300 for new on-site facilities (a loo!). The church graveyard has been open throughout all lockdowns for people to find peace and quiet, it has been used by very many people and many have said how beneficial this has been to them at this time when sadly church doors have had to remain shut.

It's well known how in normal circumstances, singing is hugely good for health and wellbeing. Did you know that choral music is now as popular in this country as Premier League football?  There is plenty of research to support this, get googling!