March 2021 Meeting


1. Introductions

The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and brief introductions were made. Matt gave a brief overview of the strategy for those who were attending the meeting for the first time.

2. Agree minutes from previous meeting

The minutes from the October 2020 meeting were agreed as a true record by the group.

3. Proposed request for changes to the Strategy and Action Plan

No proposed changes were received.           

4. Update on Action plan

Matt thanked those that sent their updates prior to the meeting and the group went through the action plan, and members provided their feedback.

5. Update on Section 106 Funds            

Matt updated the group on the section 106 funds that are available.  

Colin Haigh, head of planning at WHBC mentioned that hearing sessions are currently taking place on sites included in the proposed local plan. Section 106 funds will become available on large green belt sites, so if there are any specific projects/facilities in mind then please get in touch with Colin.

Roy Warren at Sport England raised a query around supplementary planning documents which are the documents associated to planning policy within the borough. The current documents relate and talk about the old strategy and not the current one, therefore this needs to be updated so that the documents reflect the new strategy.

Action: Milan (WHBC) to discuss with the planning team about updating the documents to reflect the new strategy.

6. Update from Partners          

Carrie Lloyd at Hatfield Town Council asked whether Basketball sits within the strategy, which it doesn't. The Town Council put up a basketball hoop in an area which caused issues with the residents. They are now exploring the option of a basketball court at a different location.

It was mentioned that there have been previous conversations with the Herts basketball association about basketball provision in Hatfield. WHBC are very focused on the delivery of basketball in the borough and would be keen to have further discussions with the Town Council.

Action: Milan (WHBC) to set up meeting with Carrie (Hatfield Town Council) to discuss further.

7. AOB

Matt Rayner will be going on a 12 month secondment to the Herts Sports Partnership from the end of April.

It was brought to the attention of the group that there have been discussions about a potential 50 meter and 25 meter swimming pool at Oakland's College. This would have an effect on the swimming pools in the borough, so it would be good to understand more about the proposal, how this project would be funded and whether there is a need.

Action: WHBC to have further discussions with Nicola Caiger at Oakland's College to get a better understanding of these proposals.

8. Dates of Next Meetings

Tuesday 21 September, 14.30, Via Microsoft Teams


Attendance list, March 2021


  • Sue Tiley - WHBC, Planning
  • Rick Bruin - Rugby Football Union
  • Kieran Spencer - Rugby Football Union
  • Nicola Caiger - Oaklands College
  • Leo Tutt - Lawn Tennis Association
  • Alistair Hollis - Bowls England
  • Richard Lamburn - Swim England
  • Ged McDougall - English Cricket Board


  • David Croston - Chancellors school (Schools Representative)
  • David Connell - University of Hertfordshire
  • Ed Hunt - England Athletics
  • Chris Peach - England Squash
  • Matt Perren - GLL Leisure, Head of service, Central region
  • Craig Woodward - GLL, Partnership Manager - WHBC Leisure Contract
  • Vishal Karia - GLL, Gosling Sports Park general manager
  • Steve Maker - Herts Football Association
  • Florence Jones - England Netball
  • Nick Rimmer - Badminton England
  • Lauren Farrow - British Cycling
  • Dominic Chatfield - English Cricket Board
  • Kasey Allen - England Lacrosse
  • Greg Hardman - Football Foundation
  • Tim Fawke - Snowsports England
  • Roy Warren - Sport England
  • Charlie Mann - Herts Sports Partnership
  • Carrie Lloyd - Hatfield Town Council
  • Chris Wooton - North Mymms Parish Council
  • Colin Hague - WHBC, Head of Service (Planning)
  • Matt Rayner - WHBC, Community Partnerships
  • Milan Johnston - WHBC, Community Partnerships
  • Sian Chambers - WHBC, Head of Service (Community)
  • Paul Underwood - WHBC, Head of Service (Leisure Contract Manager)
  • Simone Russell - WHBC, Corporate Director & Chair