Health and wellbeing news from Welwyn Hatfield week 12

This week we are featuring health and wellbeing news as we move into April 2021

mum and daugher

Week 12 in Welwyn Hatfield ...Spring is definately here !

This week is World Autism Awareness Week

Autism week   

This year's World Autism Awareness Week (29 March - 4 April) feels more important than ever. The world can be a difficult place to live for those with autism and with so many services that support autistic children and their families having been shut down during the pandemic it has been made even harder.

World Autism Awareness Week is an opportunity to think about the society we want to live in when we leave lockdown - and the small things we can all do to make it work better for autistic children, adults and their families.

The Inclusion Project promote a healthy social and active lifestyle for adults with learning difficulties in Welwyn Hatfield.

people at the Inclusion project   

Post education life can be an abyss for people with Learning Disabilities, it can be difficult to find activities during week days that will facilitate the lifestyle that young adults desire. The Inclusion Project is set to solve this issue. The Inclusion Project provide support and activities for people with the following learning difficulties : ADHD; Asperger and Autism Spectrum Disorder; Cerebral Palsy; Down Syndrome; Epilepsy; Fragile X; Global Development Delay; Williams Syndrome, and more. The emphasis is for Participants to be included into the local community. Click here to join today

Autism week

Emily an 18 year old local resident of Welwyn Hatfield has been writing her own blog to raise awareness of neurodiversity.

In her blog the Joy and Vibrance of Autism Emily says, 'The vibrance and joy of autism is often overlooked amongst the trouble that it can cause. The hard parts do make my life hard, but people forget that the good parts are what makes my life really good. I see the world in all its vibrance. I am uplifted at once by the sound of birds. The feeling of the sun on my skin makes me feel so warm.

I'm sure I see more shades of green than other people. I notice those small details that others don't. My eyes are constantly searching.

Emilys Blog A Day in the Life of a Neurodivergent vs neurotypical really helps to raise awareness.

The pandemic has left so many people looking for work  but it can be even harder for autisic people.Watch this film about the barriers autistic people face when trying to find work. 

One in 100 people are autistic which means you probably have autistic colleagues at your workplace. Autistic people face huge barriers and discrimination in the workplace and society as a whole. Join World Autism Awareness Week and help change this Click here to find out more about World Autism Awareness week