Health and wellbeing news from Welwyn Hatfield week 16

This week we are featuring health and wellbeing news for last week in April 2021

school children and hay fever

Week 16 in Welwyn Hatfield...Is Allergy Awareness week and more

Open Water Swimming has returned to Stanborough Park this month

open water swimming

Swimming is a not only a fantastic way to keep fit it is also said that cold water swimming may protect against degenerative diseases like Dementia.

Stanborough Park is just on the outskirts of Welwyn Garden City and has several lakes, for open swimming sessions, paddle boarding, canoeing and sailing.

Stanborough Park is the perfect training venue for open water swimming.
The sessions are run on our 400m course or 200m short course.

The centre has been marked as Covid Secure, with trickle flow booking slots to reduce queing, the inclusion of of a one way system and multiple sanitising stations.Please make sure you book prior to arrival;

Sessions are:

Monday - 07:30 - 09:30 & 12:00 - 13:00 - Short Course

Wednesday - 16:00 - 20:00

Friday - 07:30 - 09:30 - Coming soon

Saturday 08:00 - 11:00

Bookable via the Better UK app - £7 per 1 hour session.

Book a session here

28th April is Safety and Health at Work Day but what does this mean when most of us are now working from home?

Over the last year we have all been learning how to work in different ways and for alot of us that means working at home in what ever space we can find. This may be in amongst the washing, on the bed or for some in the kitchen or the garden shed! Just because we are working from home, doesn't mean there arean't risks involved.

Assessing the risk in your workstation at home should be done regularly. Reporting an accident, incident or near miss is vital as this enables Health and Safety professionals to identify trends and prevent reoccurrence. A near miss not reported could be the next accident.

Want to check you aren't putting yourself at risk working from home? Read the ISOH COVID-19 Advice on working from home leaflet below.

Icon for pdf Working safely from home [461.82KB]

Sign up to the daily mile and get active with other school children across the country

Daily Mile

The aim of the Dialy Mile is to encourage pupils across England to be more active together, and start talking about their mental health.

In light of the covid-19 pandemic, mental health awareness, especially in children and young people, and its relation to physical activity, is incredibly important.

We're encouraging every school to get involved and bring the nation together. Can you help us get to 1 Million Moving?

The Daily Mile

Does the idea of everyone planning to spend more time socialising outside this summer fill you with dread?

Someone snezzing

Here at the Healthy Hub we are preparating for the pollen season.Spring is well on the way and with the lockdown rules still in Step 2  socialising outside for people suffering with allergies such as hay fever can be really dificult.

Below are 5 tips to help those suffering with hay fever to feel more comfortable for bedtime;

  1. Keep flowers out of bedrooms to decrease humidity levels
  2. Leave bed sheets turned back in the day to prevent mites
  3. Vacuum thoroughly all around the bed
  4. Wash bed sheets and pillows at a high temperature
  5. For severe reactions to pollen, consider a mechanical ventilator

Tips on managing hay fever outdoors

Managing hay fever during school exams 2021

school children and hay fever

Hay fever can make school life difficult for young people, particularly during the summer months and the grass pollen season (typically May- beginning of September), which affects the majority of those with hay fever.

Hay fever can impact all aspects of daily life and persist for months at a time and according to Allergies UK studies have shown that 40% of children who suffer with hay fever can actually drop a grade between mocks and final exams because of their hay fever.

click here to access tips on managing school in the summer term