We Can Cancer Rehabilitation Programme

Exercise classes to support cancer rehabilitation

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WE CAN Cancer rehabilitation program offers people affected by cancer in Hertfordshire, a stable environment to engage in physical activity and build a network of new friends.
We CAN work with Adults through a 12-week programme of bespoke group exercise, designed to help overcome the side effects of cancer treatment. In addition, part of the session focuses on socialising over refreshments to create friendship groups, thereby supporting participants to continue their journey beyond the three-month period.

Public Health England shared that regular activity can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by 20% and colon cancer by 30%. These classes encourage participants to engage with their physical fitness that will not only benefit their health but mental wellbeing. Proven to improve depression and reduce fatigue, exercise is also a communal activity that can bring people together.

Speaking on her experience, member Pauline said: "The We Can exercise rehabilitation class is perfect for me. Following six months of chemotherapy and three rounds of surgery I really needed something to help me get stronger as part of my recovery. I was initially quite nervous but Alicja delivers an exercise class that not only meets my needs but is also friendly, fun and relaxed. Best of all, I am starting to feel so much better - both mentally and physically too. Thanks We Can and Alicja for your help and support."

This program is available to individuals 18 and over, and has received a cancer diagnosis in the last three years. To find out where the closest class is to you or to access the programme criteria and referral form, please Visit the We Can website here

If you are interested in contacting the Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist before joining, please call us via 07902 133707
For further enquiries contact Programme Coordinator Alicja Polak on 07902 133707 or at a.polak@herts.ac.uk. Referrals are now open.

Hatfield, We Can class takes place in Birchwood Leisure Centre on Fridays at 11.30 

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To book your 12-week programme please contact Programme Coordinator Alicja Polak on 07902 133707 or at a.polak@herts.ac.uk to make an enquiry.