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Your one-stop-shop supporting you and signposting you, to your amazing local and national health and wellbeing services, events and courses. This month we are featuring two health and wellbeing campaigns to help signpost to useful advice and support for February 2022; Time to Talk Day 3rd of February and World Cancer Day 4th of February 

Although February is the shortest month of the year, it can be the coldest and feel like winter will never end. However, spring is just around the corner and there are now signs of spring just outside the door. So if you find it hard to go for your daily walk, run or cycle ride, this picture of snowdrops in Welwyn Garden City may inspire you to get outside and explore.

photo of dog in snowdrops in woods

Time to Talk Day 3rd of February

People laughing and talking in an office together

Time to Talk Day's aim is the be the nation's biggest mental health conversation! Taking place on Thursday 3 February 2022, it's the day that friends, families, communities, and workplaces come together to talk, listen and change lives.

Talking and listening about mental health has the power to change lives. Each conversation we have contributes to reducing mental health stigma, helping to create supportive communities where we can talk openly about mental health and feel empowered to seek help when we need it.

There are lots of ways to get involved, from sharing on social media using #TimeToTalk and having conversations with your friends and family, to organizing activities and events in your community. Why not try these great conversation starter resources Icon for pdf Time to Talk conversation starter [2.18MB]  and Icon for pdf Time to Talk Resources [474.65KB]

Join MindRethink Mental Illness and Co-op and take part in the day by downloading a free conversation starter pack to help you talk about mental health in your community.

Find out more about Time to Talk Day here

World Cancer Day 4th of February 

On 4 February we celebrate World Cancer Day 2022 - a day that unites people, communities, and entire countries to raise awareness and take action. 

More than one-third of cancer cases can be prevented. Another third can be cured if detected early and treated properly.

By implementing resource-appropriate strategies on prevention, early detection, and treatment, we can save millions of lives every year

Cancers can be caused by a number of different factors and, as with many other illnesses, most cancers are the result of exposure to a number of different causal factors. It is important to remember that, while some factors cannot be modified, around one-third of cancer cases can be prevented by reducing behavioral and dietary risks. 

Get more advice and support through the World Cancer Day website here

Cancel Out Cancer is here to help in Hertfordshire

Cancel Out Cancer

Cancel out Cancer is a 60-minute patient-led programme that aims to get communities talking about the signs and symptoms of cancer alongside screening options.

The Cancel Out Cancer programme is organized by East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and delivered by NHS volunteers. The hour-long sessions can be delivered to organisations, community groups and patients of GP practices. Individuals can also get in touch to register their interest and join an upcoming session.

Cancel out Cancer describes what cancer is, how to spot it, and what to do if worried about it. Participants will learn about the value of cancer screening and the benefits of changing lifestyle habits. The campaign aims to get our communities talking about the signs and symptoms of cancer, encouraging everyone to take action in improving their health.

Contact Details:

Email -

Tel - 01707 685166

Find out more here

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CONNECT.....with nature as we see the first signs of spring

Visit the  Snow Drop Garden Festival to help you get outside and be active

photo of snowdrops and trees and pathway

Fresh air and the beautiful, faithful first signs of spring epitomized by drifts of glorious snowdrops are a reminder of the changing seasons and the promise of what's to come. What better way to shake off the winter and to celebrate the exciting gardening visiting year ahead than with the National Garden Scheme's 2022 Snowdrop Festival. These glorious harbingers of the wonderful life of gardens to come can be viewed in 100 National Garden Scheme gardens throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland during January, February, and March.

 Find out which gardens are taking part in the Snowdrop festival here

Are you a parent worried about your child's mental health and can relate to the video below?

If you need someone to talk to, Happy Maps website provides a list of national organizations and advice and support to help you.

HappyMaps is a charity and the website has been developed by GPs and CAMHS professionals with help from parents and young people. You can find lots of mental health resources for parents and carers, and for young people and children, in one place.

take a look at the HappyMaps website

Just Talk Herts - children and young people's mental health and wellbeing

Blue click art images with white writing

Did you know that over 35 organizations in Hertfordshire work together to provide families with useful information, training and self-help tools, around mental health and wellbeing? This includes partners from Public Health, Education, NHS, and local charities, and is called the Just Talk network. 

There is a range of information available on the Just Talk Website here for parents, carers, professionals, and young people. You can also follow them on Facebook: JustTalkHerts Instagram: @JustTalkHerts Twitter: @JustTalkHerts for useful resources, training opportunities, details of support available, and self-help tips and tricks.

The team at Just Talk want to know what you think about their website visit the Just Talk website here which provides information and resources to promote positive mental health in children and young people.

They'd like hear from young people, their parents and carers to make sure the resources and services they provide are exactly what you need. To get involved please email:

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KEEP LEARNING...for better health

Macmillian Benefit Advice Service Hertfordshire

Writing on white background

If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with cancer, money may not be the first thing you think about. However, having cancer can be expensive and 4 out of 5 people are worse off after a cancer diagnosis.

  • Your income may go down and your spending may go up.
  • You might have to pay for a special diet, child care, higher heating costs or travel to a hospital.
  • You or your carer may have to stop working.
  • You may experience difficulties claiming benefits.

The advice service can help with claims for benefits like personal independence payment, attendance allowance, ESA, universal credit, and carer's allowance. Macmillan Benefits Advice Service can help challenge decisions, from mandatory reconsideration to appeal. They can also help with applying for grants from Macmillan and help with health costs such as travel to the hospital.

Watch Brenda to find out more about the type of help you can currently get from the Macmillan Benefits Advice Service.

Call the Macmillan benefits advice service on 01438 843456 (9am-5pm Mondays-Fridays) email: if you would like to make a referral or have any questions about the service. 

Hertfordshire Macmillan Benefits Advice Service | Hertfordshire County Council

Check out the Healthy Hub Kitchen for some simple and cheap healthy recipes

photo of food

A healthy diet

What we eat can really help with reducing some of the risks associated with, cancer, high cholesterol (as some of our cholesterol comes from the food we eat), high blood pressure (from drinking too much alcohol, being overweight or eating too much salt), type 2 diabetes (having excess weight or obesity), obesity (eating and drinking more calories than we use up).

The Healthy Hub Kitchen suggests a healthy way to start the day is to enjoy our Breakfast Apricot Oats recipe.Apricot Oats

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has some great information on diet and heart health

Heart disease and stroke - British Nutrition Foundation

National Heart Month

heart with cream background and red writing

National Heart month takes place in February and is an annual event in the UK, aiming to raise awareness about heart disease and encourage individuals to look after their hearts. It helps to provide an understanding of how to keep healthy and stay informed about the risks of heart-related conditions.

As stated by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), heart and circulatory diseases, like coronary heart disease, stroke or vascular dementia, affect millions of people in the UK. Details of these conditions can be found on their website Heart and circulatory conditions | BHF along with details of the support they can offer Information for those affected by heart and circulatory diseases | BHF

According to the BHF, risk factors are conditions or habits that increase your risk of developing a disease. Many heart and circulatory diseases can be controlled, treated, or modified. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, and physical inactivity are all risks factors. 

The NHS website also provides information about how a healthy lifestyle can help with heart health Coronary heart disease - Prevention Coronary heart disease - Prevention - NHS (

Take Notice....Have your say

HCC Public Forum on SEND - Friday 4 February (1.30pm - 2.30pm)

3 people in pink with writing on white background

Find out more about the new HCC SEND Strategy by joining this public forum webinar, hosted by HPCI. This is the first of a new series of quarterly public forums that offer families the opportunity to hear directly from HCC officers about their progress in delivering the new SEND Strategy. There will also be the chance for families to ask questions, raise issues, and share ideas.  You can book a place on the SEND Strategy webinar here.

Find out more about the SEND Strategy 2022-25.

National HIV Testing Week 7th February - a finger prick test is all it takes

photo of person with writing on and blue background

National HIV Testing Week starts on Monday 7 February and is a great opportunity to get tested yourself and encourage others to test too. Testing is free, fast, confidential, and simple - you can even do it at home, all it takes is a finger-prick test.1 in 20 people with HIV are unaware they have it, increasing the risk of passing HIV on to sexual partners. Anyone can get an HIV test, no matter what their circumstances are.

Five reasons to get tested for HIV

1.     Be sure of your status

2.     Testing is free easy and confidential

3.     Take control of your health and stay well

4.     Keep you and your partner healthy

5.     Get the treatment and support you need

Free test kits can be ordered online during National HIV Testing Week and beyond, so everyone can know their status - kits are delivered in plain packaging: order your test kit here

Testing for HIV is recommended at least once a year and more regularly if you've had unprotected sex or more than one partner. Anyone diagnosed with HIV in Hertfordshire can access free treatment and support. For information on how to access a range of local testing, treatment, and sexual health support services visit: Hertfordshire Sexual Health website here

Mental Health Support for Veterans by Op Courage

photo of man with writing around it

Armed forces veterans suffering a mental health crisis will receive specialist care as part of a new Op Courage service launched by NHS chief executive Sir Simon Stevens today.

Doctors, nurses, and other NHS staff will work with military charities to provide therapy, rehab services, and, in extreme cases, inpatient care to hundreds of former soldiers, sailors, and RAF personnel each year.

Those needing urgent help will receive a same-day referral.

For those seeking support in Hertfordshire, please contact the service call 0300 323 0137 or email

Find out where to get support as a veteran in Hertfordshire with Hertfordshire Heroes here Where can I get support (

Do you feel your race or ethnicity sometimes affects the quality of healthcare you receive? Let Healthwatch know

image of people around a computer on a blue background

Last November, Healthwatch Hertfordshire (HwH) launched a survey asking for people of Black, Asian and Arab origin to share their views and experiences of local health services. Although the findings from these responses are already hugely valuable, to make the biggest difference, it's important that more voices are included and heard.

 How to get involved

·       Participate in a one-to-one interview or focus group. Call 01707 275978, email or complete the online webform.

·       Complete the survey here The survey is available in multiple languages and will take approx. 5-10 minutes to complete.

By sharing your views and experiences, you are helping local NHS services improve equality and inclusiveness in healthcare for you and others

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GIVE... to raise funds or provide a helping hand

Fundraise with Cancer Research and get the support you need

hands on a table with drawings around a piece of paper

1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime. Play your part by doing your own fundraising to help beat it.

Whether you're looking for ideas, inspiration, or materials, this page has everything you need to kick-start your fundraising.

Make your fundraising a huge success by signing up to to fundraise with Cancer Research, you'll get an exclusive pack that will help you with:

  • fundraising ideas and inspiration
  • planning and promoting your activity
  • feeling motivated
  • getting the right support
  • returning the money you raise to us

Download your fundraising pack here

New Herts-based volunteering website GoVolHerts launches due to increased demand for local volunteering opportunities!

selection of photos and writing

Today, #TeamHerts Volunteering launch their brand-new website, GoVolHerts is in response to the heightened interest in volunteering that Hertfordshire has seen since the start of the pandemic.

In March and April of 2020, a staggering 7,000 Hertfordshire residents signed up with #TeamHerts Volunteering and offered to give their time to support their local community during the pandemic. GoVolHerts is an easy-to-use online platform supporting the whole of the Voluntary, Community, Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) sector in Hertfordshire.

Volunteers searching for their perfect role will find the new platform straightforward and user-friendly. The simple but effective filtering options mean that volunteers can find a cause they are passionate about and a role that suits their availability within a just couple of minutes!

There is a vast selection of roles available from supporting disabled young people at riding stables to stewarding at a music festival. From supporting your local food bank to raising a future Guide Dog - there really is something for everyone!

To join the GoVolHerts platform as an organization or a prospective volunteer, please visit: GoVolHerts website here

Every Mind Matters hear to help 'Lift Someone out of Loneliness'

Feeling lonely is something that all of us can experience at any point and it can have a huge impact on our wellbeing. It's important to remember that these feelings can pass and that there are lots of ways we can help each other too.

This campaign will encourage people to 'Lift Someone Out of Loneliness', by carrying out small acts of kindness to help someone who may be feeling lonely, knowing that this is likely to help them feel less lonely too. Fancy a cuppa? Fancy a walk? Sometimes reaching out to each other with as little as three words can make a big difference.

 Visit the every mind matters website where there is advice for ways to help yourself or others who may be feeling lonely, and suggested support routes.

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BE ACTIVE....for cancer rehabilitation


Seated chair exercise

WE CAN Cancer rehabilitation program offers people affected by cancer in Hertfordshire, a stable environment to engage in physical activity and build a network of new friends.We CAN work with Adults through a 12-week programme of bespoke group exercise, designed to help overcome the side effects of cancer treatment. In addition, part of the session focuses on socializing over refreshments to create friendship groups, thereby supporting participants to continue their journey beyond the three-month period.

Find out more about your local programme and how to join  here We Can Cancer Rehabilitation Programme

Shape Up Together

Image of Shape Up Logo

Shape Up Together is our targeted weight management programme, providing different bespoke weight management opportunities for people from BAME communities, people with learning or physical disabilities and people with mental health concerns.

Shape Up have designed their programme that educates people to develop a healthy relationship with food, and provide them with the skillset to change their unhealthy behaviours and habits. This programme engages its participants in a fun and effective way, and uses group exercise and sport to improve fitness and support weight loss.For more information or to register your interest, please email:

Find out more about the Shape Up Together Programme here

Fancy trying a new way to keep fit this year then check out the Healthy Hub Sports Clubs Directory

photo of people dancing

Over 50 Dance, badminton, Boccia, Cricket, Tennis and other sports clubs offering beginners and intermediate classes or court hire. It's all there to get you going

Click here to access the Healthy Hub Sports DirectoryFind a sports club

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