September 2021 meeting


Minutes of Welwyn Hatfield Sports facilities operations group meeting on Tuesday 21 September 2021, 14:30.

1.     Introductions

The chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and brief introductions were made.

2.     Agree minutes from previous meeting

The minutes from the March 2021 meeting were agreed as a true record by the group.

3.     Proposed request for changes to the Strategy and Action Plan

No proposed changes were received.  

Ryan Grewcock requested that the document be updated with the changes received from WGC Ski Race club.

Action: Milan to update the request to changes document and add to the website

4.     Update on the Gosling Master plan

There are four main partners to the project - Welwyn Hatfield borough council, the police, Stanborough School (HCC) and GLL. The Council will be working with all four parties to agree to a memorandum of understanding. A procurement board and partnership board will be established to oversee the project and any procurement activities. Once this is done, clear briefs and timelines for the masterplan exercise will be created, which will outline any engagement activities.  It is intended the partnership will agree a number of subgroups which will focus on key themes such as sports and leisure.

There will be an opportunity for members of the operations group to be involved and feed into the master plan.

5.     Update of action plan

Milan thanked members who sent through their updates, and went through the actions and received feedback from members.

6.     Section 106 funds

Milan explained that she works closely with the planning obligations officer when securing section 106 funds. Contributions for sports facilities are calculated using the sport England calculator and the procedure involves reviewing the recommendations from the strategy to identify projects, there will also be projects that we are aware of that are not listed within the strategy which will be taken into consideration.

Milan discussed the current section 106 funds that have been secured.

Roy Warren requested that the document be shared with the group so that NGBs can consider any match funding opportunity.

Action: Milan (WHBC) to share the section 106 document with members of the group.       

7.     Update on the local plan

Ka Ng was hopeful to get this over the line this year, Chris however explained that the inspectors report is being considered re housing requirement across the borough. Site proposals will be going to cabinet for approval in November and for full council to agree. As well as the 6-week consultation period, there needs to be given the judicial review period to allow for any legal challenge. So realistically it is to happen in spring 2022 if there are no hiccups.

Timeline of dates are as follows:

CPPP - 15 /09 briefing on the Inspectors report (already happened)

All member briefing on Inspectors report and options - 29/09

CPPP - 14/10 options for submitting additional sites

Cabinet 3/11 to consider recommendations of CPPP

Full Council 4/11 to consider recommendations of Cabinet and CPPP

Nov-Dec 6 week consultation on Main Modifications

8.     Partner updates

Roy Warren from Sport England informed the group that Sport England have not made any decisions about future funding but will update the Council when the decision has been made. 

9.     AOB

The group agreed that all future meetings will continue to be virtual on Microsoft Teams.