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Your one-stop-shop for everything relating to mental and physical health. The Healthy Hub is here to signpost you, to your local and national health and wellbeing services, events, and courses. This month we are featuring two health and wellbeing campaigns, Eating Disorder Awareness Week 28th February to 6th of March and No Smoking Day 9th March to help signpost you to useful advice and support for March 2022. We are also sharing news from Internation Women's Day on March 8th.

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March is here and spring is just around the corner. We can begin to relax as daylight hours increase from the Spring Equinox on March the 20th bringing new leaves on the trees, new flowers and wildlife and insects venture out. If you need some encouragement to get outside and feel nature emerging from the winter months then Herts Health Walks are fully open again and there is no need to prebook from April 6th 2022.

Take a look at their January - April 2022 Walks Programmes today and choose a walk that suits you!

To attend a Health Walk you must be a registered walker. You can register as a Health Walker on our website here.

If you do wish to pre-book your walks, please contact 01992 555888 between the hours of 9-11.30am & 2-3pm, Monday-Friday.

Eating Disorder Awareness Week 28th February to the 6th March

Eating Disorder Awareness Week is about raising awareness of this devasting illness and encouraging more to be done to support people in our communities. 

Eating disorders affect 1 in 50 people in the UK. Recovery is possible. But we rely on our GPs to spot early warning signs that may have nothing to do with a person's weight or appearance. Their role is crucial. Their responsibility is huge. But how much training does the average GP receive on eating disorders? Less than 2 hours! And a fifth of UK medical schools don't provide any training on eating disorders at all. 

This has to change. And the time is now. 

We need all medical schools to offer proper training on eating disorders. And your support can make this happen. It's time to change lives. Watch this video to find out more or or visit the Beat Eating Disorder Website to find out more

No Smoking Day 9th March

The message is-Don't give up on giving up. Every time you try to stop smoking, you're a step closer to success

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The aim of No Smoking Day is to encourage smokers to take action and to search smokefree to find support to make a quit attempt.  

The NHS better Health Campaign now has a great free app to use to support you to quit.

Download the free NHS quit smoking app

Use the NHS Quit Smoking app to help you quit smoking and start breathing easier.

The app allows you to:

  • track your progress
  • see how much you're saving
  • get daily support

If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you're 5 times more likely to quit for good!

The new icon for 'connect'                                                               

CONNECT.....and find the support you need

Local stop smoking support

blue image with smokefree writing on it and cartoon people

Smokefree is a weekly support program for up to 12 weeks, advising on nicotine replacement therapy, e-cigarettes and other products. Eligibility to register for this program is; Living or working in Hertfordshire or registered at Herts GP.

Contact: Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service (HHIS) by;

Callin: 0800 389 3 998 or 01442 453 071.

Text: SMOKEFREE to 80818.

You can also speak to your GP surgery or local pharmacy to request a referral appointment.

 Click here for more information

Addiction Help in Hertfordshire with EATA

An addiction isn't always to something a person uses (such as drugs and alcohol) it can include practically anything. From food and sugar to gambling, pornography, and the internet, a person can truly become addicted to anything. When a person becomes addicted to something, they have very little control over how they use it. They also become dependent upon it to function in daily life.

Eata Recovery Services shows every Addiction Help centre in Hertfordshire. They will provide you with comprehensive information about each facility and help you make the most informed decision on what is best for your recovery.

Find out how EATA can help by clicking here

Or call their helpline now for Immediate Confidential Help and Advice 0808 278 9885 / 0203 131 6690

HPFT's Community Eating Disorders Service

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What is an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are complex psychological problems that can cause intense distress, considerable physical risk and impairment in people's social, occupational and other areas of functioning. The main types of eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Atypical Eating Disorders or sometimes referred to as EDNOS (i.e. Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). Typical eating disorders include Binge Eating Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa.

Who is the service for

HPFT offer a service for adults with a Hertfordshire GP, who have moderate to severe eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and atypical eating disorders including binge eating disorder.

What does the service provide

HPFT offer assessment and treatment for individuals with eating disorders as well as support for families and carers.

Contact HPFT's eating disorder team;

Telephone:    01707 364000 

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KEEP LEARNING...try something different to get different results

'Clinical Hypnosis helps people stop smoking' say the National Council for Hypnotherapy in the UK

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"Smoking remains the second largest risk factor for early death and disability, and so to further reduce its impact we must intensify tobacco control to further reduce smoking prevalence and attributable burden," he is reported as saying by the BBC.

The rise in smoking is interesting, given the various methods being used around the world to curtail the habit. These include increased taxes, restrictions on where people can smoke and bans on advertising. While these measures have had an effect in some countries, the report shows that the number of tobacco-related deaths - more than 6.4 million in 2015 - increased by 4.7% over the same period.

However, clinical hypnotherapy has been shown to help people quit the habit and the National Council for Hypnotherapy in the UK says hypnosis can easily help those who want to break the habit and live healthier lives.

"Imagine how your different your life would be if you stopped smoking, what you would gain? It is important to understand your motivation for giving up in so that you can quit," says the NCH.

"The reason why hypnotherapy works so rapidly with bad habits and behaviours is because it works directly with your subconscious, bypassing the critical mind and getting to the root of the issue so that changes can be made that support your goals quickly and efficiently."

If you want to experience a healthier and better life after smoking and have the motivation to quit, contact an NCH therapist near you by using their directory. That one contact can be life-changing...

Need advice on eating disorders?

reading booking front page

HPFT has compiled a list of useful and informative reading material for people suffering from an eating disorder. This can also be useful to people who live with or know of someone suffering with an eating disorder.

Recommended reading (

Reading Well for children - Library nooks to help children with their mental health and wellbeing

Photo of front book

Children have had a lot to cope with recently. Reading Well for Children is a collection of books to help children understand their feelings and worries and cope with tough times, and for parents and carers to discuss the difficult issues with their children.

Titles have been chosen by children, carers, health experts and librarians and cover general information and advice about:

·       maintaining good mental health and wellbeing

·       understanding and managing feelings

The Read Well collection also offers a fabulous book on Binge Eating;

Title-Overcoming Binge Eating, Second Edition: The Proven Program to Learn Why You Binge and How You Can Stop

By Christopher G. Fairburn (University of Oxford, UK)

This trusted bestseller provides all the information needed to understand binge eating and bring it under control, whether you are working with a therapist or on your own. Clear, step-by-step guidelines show you how to overcome the urge to binge, gain control over what and when you eat, break free of strict dieting and other habits that may contribute to binges, establish stable, healthy eating patterns, improve your body image and reduce the risk of relapse. 

Find out more about the Overcoming Binge Eating book here

Click here to access their full list of Reading Well books to support mental health

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TAKE NOTICE...check in with how you are feeling

The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Society 

Early detection is key to survival

Anyone can develop lung cancer. Men and women, young and old, smokers and non-smokers. If you have lungs, you can get the disease so it is very important everyone is aware of lung cancer signs and symptoms.

Spotting the symptoms it could save your life

Early symptoms of lung cancer are often very subtle and easy to ignore. As soon as you spot a difference in your health, you need to take action. It could save your life. We are here to help you recognize that symptoms are in fact symptoms. We are here to help you feel able to go to your GP and give them the information they need to be referred as quickly as possible.

Watch this video and be well informed

Check out the Healthy Hub Kitchen for some simple and cheap healthy recipes

photo of food

A healthy diet

The Healthy Hub Kitchen suggests a healthy way to start the day is to enjoy our Granola Grape Pot Granola Grape Pot

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has some great information on diets for all sorts of  Healthy conditions

Beat Eating Disorders Helplines is open 365 days a year

helpline words

0808 801 0677

Lines are open;

weekdays from 9am-midnight 

weekends and bankholidays from 4pm-midnight 

Sometimes the lines are busy. If you can't get through immediately, please do try again or try their one-to-one web chat.

If you are in need of urgent help for yourself or someone else outside of our Helpline opening hours, please contact 999 or the Samaritans on 116 123 if you or someone else is in immediate danger. If you need support outside of these hours, email their Helpline staff (details below).

Email support for England:

Beat provides Helplines for people of all ages, offering support and information about eating disorders no matter where you are in your journey. These Helplines are free to call from all phones.

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GIVE...and work with some of the most interesting local charities

Check out WHCVS for some great local volunteer opportunities

WHCVS are the place to go to find some fantastic volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in office work, football coaching, shopping support, family services support and much more.

H'arts in Mind are looking for support on their arts and crafts stall on Hatfield market.

 If you have a few hours to spare and feel a little crafty please telephone or email the contact details below;

Call: 01707274861


Visit the WHCVS volunteers page here

Volunteer with Mind in Mid Herts

Mind in Mid Herts specialise in a variety of mental health support services.Volunteering is a great way to get involved and support a local Mental Health charity. At Mind in Mid Herts they offer rewarding voluntary roles to help you create connections with the people around you and give back to the wider community. Alongside their staff they have over 60 volunteers providing support. Their valued Volunteers contribute to a wide range of projects from one-to-one support to helping with administration.

  • Befriending Volunteer - Face to face
  • Living Well Course Assistants - facilitate or co-facilitate CBT-informed courses online
  • Group Volunteers - help run our social support sessions in our centres
  • Office admin or reception
  • Ad hoc fundraising and events
  • Student placement or work experience from September 2022

Find out more about volunteering here

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BE ACTIVE....For International Women's Day 

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women

The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

Find out whats happening near you

Hatfield Gymophobics is now open!

Person in yellow with elasticated waistband

Gymophobics help ladies of all ages and fitness levels from teens to sixty plus. We are not a conventional gym as you are supported every step of your journey by our highly trained instructors who will treat you like a VIP on every visit.

They will design you a personal prescription of diet and exercise to give you more energy, better health and a figure to be proud of. Since 2003 Gymophobics has helped more than 250,000 women throughout the UK to be the best they can be. Now it is your turn!

You can get started with a FREE guest visit! Here they will show you the gym, explain how everything works and answer any questions you may have about them!

 Find out more about Gymophobics here

Join the easy-paced bike ride around London on International Women's Day 8th March

People cycling in London

The ride will be visiting various monuments & memorials to notable women, in and around central London.The ride is organized by Southwalk cyclists. Rides will be stopping for brief details at many of the sites with a short coffee break at Russell Square. Mostly using cycleways and quiet roads with some short stretches on busy main roads where necessary, also some walking with bikes to look at monuments in garden squares where cycling is not permitted. Total distance about 10 miles.

Start:10h00 at Lambeth Palace Forecourt, Lambeth Palace Rd, SE1 7JU

Finish: by 14h00 at the latest.

Everyone welcome, any kind of bike. Come and learn about celebrated London women and their contribution to the life of our city.
This ride is organized by Southwark Cyclists, and is part of a regular program of Saturday rides, more information at

Find out more about Southwalks Cyclists here.  

Southwark Cyclists are part of the London Cycling Campaign. This ride is organised by volunteers.

NB Please register on Eventbrite so that we can control numbers Register Here

For the latest government advice on Covid19 please follow the link

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