Local funding

There are local funding schemes available that your club or organisation can apply for.

Image of bowls being played in Welwyn Hatfield
Community and voluntary organisations from a range of sectors including music, dance, drama, sport, youth, health and many more.
Each County Councillor gets £10,000 a year to spend on local projects that promote the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of their local area.
The Welwyn Hatfield Community Fund is seeking to encourage and develop participation in sport, leisure and recreational participation at all levels and by all sections of the community within Welwyn Hatfield, in the interest of social welfare, physical and mental health and to advance the education of the public in leisure activities.
This fund is to help clubs and organisations to deliver professional, quality, safe and affordable sports and leisure services to the residents and organisations of Hatfield. It aims to recognise and celebrate diversity and empower and engage all parts of the Hatfield community.