October 2020 Meeting


1. Introductions

The chair welcomed everyone to the first operations group and brief introductions were made.

2. Terms of reference

Matt thanked John O'Callaghan from Herts Sports Partnership and Roy Warren from Sport England for their feedback and comments on the terms of reference.

Matt went through the document to highlight the purpose, aim, objectives and outcomes of the operations group and the structure that will be followed.

The group were happy to approve the terms of reference.

3. Proposed changes

The table of proposed changes were in relation to Badminton, Cricket and Skiing and WHBC have agreed and noted these questions and comments.

The comment from Hatfield Town Council in relation to Roe Hill will now have a direct impact on cricket so it was requested the ECB to note this in light with recommendation C10 and 11 and to provide comment and reflection prior to the next meeting.

Regarding the comments from the ski club, Tim confirmed that Bassingbourn ski site has shut permanently and will not be reopening, therefore this needs to be taken into consideration when the gosling master plan is undertaken.

A question was asked about what level of consultation/engagement the council and the consultants undertook during the draft writing of the strategy. It was noted that this responsibility was down to the consultants (4Global) who undertook a robust review process that involved Sport England and those National Governing Bodies of Sport who were mentioned within the strategy. Additional engagement was also undertaken with all site owners across the borough. It was noted though that there were some gaps in responses and as such some clubs/organisations felt that they were not given the platform to voice their opinion. However, the strategy was reviewed and agreed by the NGB's, Sport England and later through the council's political process.

It was also noted that the review and the option to put forward changes and items to note within the strategy was always open to anyone.

4. Presentation on local plan

Colin Haigh, head of planning at WHBC gave an update on the council's local plan.

The council want to protect and enhance facilities in the borough. Colin explained that on brown belt land section 106 funds can be claimed and secured from the developer to use towards sports facilities, and this is predominantly for capital projects. On green belt land it's a third party or the developer that build the facility and hand it over to the council.

There is also a community infrastructure levy which is where the council collects tax on a development and holds it in a pot which could be used towards facilities.

A question was asked about how it is decided where facilities are built. Colin explained that the council work with developers to decide on locations, they will take into consideration the nearest facilities and what is being built on the site to measure demand in that area. Sport England can also provide partial advice on proposals that the council receive.

5. Action Plan

Having looked through the recommendations and actions of the strategy a priority action plan has been put together and this is an opportunity to get updates on current situations and create task and finish groups.

These actions were discussed, and the document has been updated to reflect these discussions.

Members of the group were asked to feed in additional comments by the 29 October and then again early January.

6. AOB

At the next meeting an update on available section 106 funds will be given.