October 2020 Meeting

Terms of Reference


The Purpose of the Operations Group is to take oversight of the borough's Sports Facility Strategy and ensure all organisations are working collaboratively towards the delivery of the strategy's Action Plan.


The Vision for Sport Facilities in Welwyn Hatfield are to be:

  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Wide Ranging
  • Well equipped (including additional facilities e.g. changing facilities)


The Aims of the Welwyn Hatfield Sports Facilities Strategy is to:


  • To protect and enhance levels of sports facilities across the borough wherever possible.
  • To address facility issues associated with poor quality and poor management.
  • To maximise access to all facilities and in particular educational facilities.
  • To maximise investment into sports facilities.
  • Develop and encourage long lasting cross sport partnership working.


The Delivery Outcomes of the Operations Group include:

  • Biannual meetings to review and update the strategy's action plan as well as monitor facility supply and demand trends
  • Where available, effectively co-ordinate and use section 106 funds and potential funding from other sources to enhance local sports facilities to meet the strategy's action plan.
  • Through partnerships working access and co-ordinate financial and resource support from National Governing Bodies of Sport and Sport England in the development of local sports facilities.
  • Work with users, sporting bodies, owners and operators of sporting facilities to create and support delivery of masterplans for specific sites as highlighted within the action plan (i.e. Gosling Sports Park)
  • Formalise Community Use Agreements on all eligible educational sites plus support maximising community use on sites which already have community use agreements, to enable community access and to increase participation opportunities for residents and local clubs.
  • Collectively identify and seek to address issues on key sites across the borough which impact on participation e.g. access and tenure issues.
  • Input into shaping the priorities for future sporting facilities that could potentially be funded through Section 106 Funds.
  • Provide a platform for open discussion on sports facility priorities on strategic development allocations in the local plan e.g. Birchall Garden Suburb.

The Structure

The Welwyn Hatfield Sports Facilities Operations Group will comprise of an overarching group underneath which defined task and finish groups will be set up to address and deliver specific actions within the strategy's action plan.

The Operations Group will provide feedback and updates to the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Cross-Party Members Groups through the Chair of the Operations Group.

The Operations Group will provide feedback and updates to the Welwyn Hatfield Cultural Consortium through the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Head of Policy and Culture.

The Operations Group will provide feedback and updated to those Welwyn Hatfield community sports clubs and organisations that are members of the WelHat Sports Forum through the Sports Partnerships Officer.

Structure Chart


The Welwyn Hatfield Sports Facilities Operations Group will be governed by this Terms of Reference and will be chaired by the Borough Council's, Corporate Director for Housing & Communities, for a period of one year (until October 2021). The chair's responsibilities will broadly include producing the agenda (in consultation with members), chairing the meeting and ensuring that lead officers are held to account. The chair is also responsible for appointing chairs of the any associated Task and Finish groups deemed appropriate by the group.

The secretariat will be provided by the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council's community partnerships team.

In terms of frequency of meetings, the Operations Group will meet biannually (usually in October and March). Task and Finish Groups will meet as required and will be coordinated by the chair of those Task and Finish Groups.


Membership of the group will include: (Appendix One shows current invitees)

Educational Representatives - Chancellors School (Secondary), 2 primary schools (TBC), Oaklands College and University of Hertfordshire
Gosling Sports Park - facility operator
Greenwich Leisure Limited - the Council's leisure operator
Herts Sports Partnership - Hertfordshire's Active Partnership
National Governing Bodies of Sport
Representatives from Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (officers only),
Representative from the borough's Town and Parish Councils (officers only)
Sport England
Any further organisation can make a request to join the Operations Group and this will be considered and voted on by the Group.

Representation of Task & Finish Groups will be the determined by the chair/lead of that group.