Welwyn Hatfield Healthy Hub Video Channel

Health and wellbeing videos for the local community.

Caring and Emotional Wellbeing 

HPFT and IAPT new emotional wellbeing video. 

Watch this great video as part of Eating Disorder Awareness Week to help you understand more about eating disorders

The Health Information playlist on the libraries' YouTube channel offers more suggestions for where to find reliable health information, one video takes a fascinating look back at health in the news 100 years ago via the digital archive newspapers.


Hertwise offers community dementia support to people of all ages throughout Hertfordshire, through a variety of different services. From group and one-to-one support sessions, Carers support and advice groups to Specialist information and Advice, they are here for you!

Max, a 13-year-old Springer Spaniel, has been awarded an Order of Merit by the vet charity PDSA.

Max is a therapy dog who lives with owner Kerry Irving in the Lake District. Kerry believes Max has saved his life because Max helped him recover from severe depression after a car accident. Kerry started sharing videos of Max's daily walks and now has a huge following. The pup has also brought joy to many during lockdown. 


Dr Nam Nguyen shares information on the Vaccine

Dr. Nam Nguyen, GP and Clinical Lead at the NHS website, shares information about the coronavirus vaccine, latest guidance for the holiday season and how to get a free NHS test to check if you have coronavirus.

Video by the World Health Organisation - helping people who support those who suffer with depression 

Millions of people around the world live with depression. "Living with a black dog" is a guide for partners, carers and sufferers of depression. It advises those living with and caring for people with depression on what to do, what not to do, and where to go for help. "Living with a black dog" is a follow-up to "I had a black dog, his name was depression," which offers practical advice for coming to terms with and overcoming depression. Video by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Video by the World Health Organisation to support those who suffer with depression

If you are feeling low or suffering with depression take a look at the 'I had a black dog his name was depression' video by the World Health Organisation (WHO) it might be just what you need !

Spot the signs of Child Exploitation

Watch the 'Are you listening' video by Leicester Police on child exploitation, helping to raise awareness about reading the signs of child exploitation. 

Age UK Herts Active Ageing Service- supporting your loved ones

Age UK Herts offer a great Active Ageing Service. Their Active Ageing clubs run across Hertfordshire and offer the chance for you or your loved one to socialise and enjoy a hot lunch on a weekly basis.Why not take a look at this video below to find out more

Family Lives video for teens

A video made by young people discussing abuse and controlling behaviour in teen relationships. For further advice, please visit our page http://www.familylives.org.uk/advice/...

Healthy Eating Video

Healthy Eating videos from Food a Fact of Life supporting the British Nutritional Foundation Healthy Eating Week 2020. Sign up to their video channel and get some great cooking tips